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A. Parkside at Bennett Place
B. Village Senior Housing
C. Bergen Drive
D. South Main St. & Danser Drive
E. Old Cranbury Rd & CHA House



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Cranbury Housing Associates, Inc. is 501(c)3, non-profit corporation that owns and operates low- and moderate- income apartments in Cranbury Township, New Jersey. In addition to its rental housing, CHA administers the resale of 30 affordable ownership homes in the Township.

Cranbury Housing Associates, Inc.

Princeton Forrestal Village
   216 Rockingham Row
   Princeton, NJ 08540



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IMPORTANT: All of the information contained on this site is provided as a courtesy to those seeking an affordable home. Neither CHA, nor Piazza & Associates, Inc. are responsible for any offers or errors contained herein. _____________________

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Affordable Housing Opportunities in Cranbury Township

Quality, variety and affordability are the hallmarks of the affordable homes being offered by Cranbury Housing Associates, Inc., a non-profit innovator of suburban affordable housing in New Jersey. Located in the beautiful village of Cranbury, these one, two and three bedroom homes represent a unique opportunity for qualified households to buy or rent a spacious condominium or townhouse style home at an affordable price.

Cranbury offers the best of many worlds. Located in central Jersey, just off Exit 8A of the New Jersey Turnpike, Cranbury is situated near Rte's. 1, 130 and I-195 and I-295, making it ideal for commuters. But, once inside the village, its rural surroundings, tree-lined streets and friendly atmosphere make Cranbury a pleasant refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Old Cranbury Road: The Old Cranbury Road site is our newest offering. It is located just off of Old Trenton Road, and consists of 20 one- two- and three-bedroom rental homes. Applications will be processed on a "first-come, first-served" basis.

NOTE: The apartments on Old Cranbury Road have a strict "No Smoking" Policy that prohibits tenants, guests, and visitors from smoking in or near the apartments. The apartments on Bergen and Danser Drives and Bennett Place (Parkside) do not currently have such restrictions.

Bergen and Danser Drive: The homes on Bergen Drive are located adjacent to the Cranbury Greene development just off the new extension of Old Trenton Road, while the homes on Danser Drive are located nearby, adjacent to the Enclave. Bergen and Danser Drives feature a total of 24 one- and two-bedroom homes for sale and 10 for rent.

South Main Street: The South Main Street homes are located just south of the Cranbury Greene site with homes fronting Main Street at the corner of South Main Street and Danser Drive, and consists of 6 three-bedroom townhomes.

Parkside at Bennett Place: Parkside is located on Bennett Place, just off of Maplewood Avenue. Parkside consists of 16 one- two- and three-bedroom rental homes.

The CHA House: In addition to the 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments offered by Cranbury Housing Associates, Inc., there is one, 4-bedroom home, located in the Township of Cranbury that is rented by CHA to a low-income household.

  Rental Rates & Minimum Incomes
  (Not Including Utilities and Subject to Change without Notice)
2015 Bergen & Danser Parkside. Old Cranbury Rd.
Low Rent Min. Income Rent Min. Income Rent Min. Income
1BR $775 $30,925 $793 $31,542 $806 $31,988
2BR $931 $37,302 $1,038 $40,971 $964 $38,434
3BR     $1,160 $42,217 $1,108 $44,434
Moderate Rent Min. Income Rent Min. Income Rent Min. Income
1BR $968 $37,542 $919 $35,862 $997 $38,537
2BR $1,098 $43,028 $1,294 $49,748 $1,193 $46,285
3BR     $1,549 $56,628 $1,370 $53,417
Very Low       # of Units Rent Min. Income
1BR (A limited number of Very Low 1 $428 $19,802
2BR Income units are available 2 $507 $22,765
3BR at Old Cranbury Road only) 1 $580 $26,331

No deposit or application fee is required with a preliminary application. A deposit of $100 will required upon the submission of a final application. See the brochure for details. A security deposit equal to one month's rent will be required to rent.

Village Senior Housing: There are 20 studio and 1 bedroom garden apartments that are for rent to low-income seniors (62 years of age and older) and persons with permanent disabilities. The rents for these apartments are subsidized by the US Department of Agriculture, tenants pay about 30% of their Adjusted Gross Income, as determined upon our review of the final application prior to occupancy.*

Village Senior Housing
Gross Annual Income Limits

Low Inc
#Persons Maximum


If you are interested in applying to purchase or rent an affordable home in Cranbury, please complete the Preliminary Application as soon as possible and fax or mail it directly to us, at:

Cranbury Housing Associates, Inc.
216 Rockingham Row
Princeton Forrestal Village
Princeton, NJ 08540
Fax: 609-786-1105.

Within two weeks, you will receive a letter of determination regarding your preliminary eligibility for the program. After the initial rent-up, applications will be processed on a "first come, first served" basis. So don't delay! Return your application today!

You can also request a Preliminary Application be mailed to you by sending us an e-mail at Cranbury@HousingQuest.com.

* Village Senior Housing Note:
Gross Annual Adjusted Income and the net Tenant Rent payment are defined by the rental assistance program rules and regulations set forth by the US Department of Agriculture - Rural Housing.