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   Maximum Gross
Annual Income Limits
for Middlesex County, NJ

DCA2013 Low Inc Moderate
#Persons Maximum Maximum

Income Limits are subject
to change without notice.




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Piazza & Associates, Inc.

Piazza & Associates, Inc. is an affordable housing services firm, dedicated to assisting low- and moderate- income households find an affordable home in New Jersey.

Princeton Forrestal Village
   216 Rockingham Row
   Princeton, NJ 08540








Stratford Meadows will have 38, two- and three- bedroom, low and moderate income homes for sale to qualified households. All of the units are single story. This neighborhood is brand new, so come and visit to experience the excitement.


Stratford Meadows Sale Prices Range From:

You can obtain a Preliminary Application by clicking on the link, or by requesting an application by email, at Monroe@HousingQuest.com; by mail at:

Piazza & Associates, Inc.
216 Rockingham Row
Princeton, New Jersey 08540;

or by calling us at 609-786-1100 and pressing 5. You may also receive an application at the Monroe Township municipal building.

IF you have received a final application, please call 609-395-7540.

Once completed and signed, the Preliminary Application should be sent directly to Piazza & Associates, Inc. at the address, above, or by fax, at 609-786-1105. You will receive a written confirmation of our receipt of your Preliminary Application via US Postal Service in about three weeks. (Please do not call for a verbal confirmation of your fax or mailed application, as we are unable to provide one.) Applications are being processed on a "first-come-first-served" basis.

The Final Application Process

Final applications will be sent to groups of applicants on a rolling basis, beginning with the lowest Priority Number, and based on the unit size and income-category for which applicants have been pre-qualified. Moreover, there will continue to be a preference given for households who need the number of bedrooms that are available, as well as the income category for which they are qualified. This process will take time, and we ask you to be patient.

When applicants receive their Final Application, they will be given 14 days to complete and submit a signed final application, documentation sufficient to verify their income and household composition.

In all situations, however, applicants who fail to meet deadlines for choosing their home, providing proof of financing or any other condition set forth by the developer will be withdrawn from the process to make units available to other applicants.


Please note the following program parameters.

There are no one-bedroom units being developed, so there will be a preference given to households with at least two person. The number of units at each pricing tier is limited. Prices and conditions are subject to change without notice.


IMPORTANT: All of the information contained on this site is provided as a courtesy to those seeking an affordable home. Property information is provided by the owners and landlords, who are soley responsible forthe accuracy of that content. Piazza & Associates, Inc. is not responsible for any offers or errors contained herein.


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